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Organized by Prof. Yitzhak (Tsahi) Birk and Prof. Ron Meir

You are kindly invited to:
Graduate-Student Research Symposium: Computer Engineering
Thursday, December 2, 2010, 14:00 - 17:40
Auditorium 2nd floor, Electrical Engineering Building, Technion

Graduate-Student Research Mini-Talk Symposium:  Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering Dept., Technion

Thursday Dec. 2, 2010 14:00-17:30

This is a unique event, aimed at acquainting the audience with the extensive ongoing activity in the department in the general area of “systems” (as in “computer systems”), including both experimental and theoretical work. Topics include parallel and distributed systems, architecture, computer networks, VLSI, storage, Network on Chip, logic design, asynchronous circuits and more.  Basically, if it isn’t signal processing, doesn’t use transforms or differential equations, is not Physics-centric, and is not computer graphics, machine learning and a few others, it is within the scope. The symposium will comprise some 20 very short talks, each by a different graduate student about his/her work. The talks are intended for the non-specialist.

In addition to offering exposure to the ongoing work, this is also a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the graduate students and their areas of research.  For outsiders, it is an opportunity to get to know us better. For our own graduate students and faculty members in all areas, it is an opportunity to learn a bit about many topics and to know what each of us is doing. Finally, this also offers undergraduate students a unique glimpse into the future.

All are invited, including those whose activity is not in the above areas.

 P.S.  If this succeeds, we are planning to hold two additional such events in different areas later this year.





Opening remarks (Tsahi)




Chip Multi-Processor (CMP) Architecture


Tsahee Zidenberg

Using Accelerators in Chip Multiprocessors


Anton Lavro (MSc)

Combining Dataflow with Control Flow

for Enhanced Performance

Oved Izchak

Many-Core-Oriented, Cycle-Accurate

Processor Simulator


Dmitri Khoretz

Memory Performance in Many-core Architecture






Roman Malits

Scheduling in Wide SIMD GPGPU



Itai Avron

Scheduling in Many-Core Architecture


Oded Green (MSc)

Scheduling Constructs for

Shared-Memory Many-Core Processors

Yaniv Ben-Itzhak

Power And Performance Aware

Thread Allocation




Software Transactional Memory


Dmitri Perelman

On Maintaining Multiple Versions in STM


Idan Igra (MSc)

User-Assisted Software Transactional





Network on Chip (NoC)


Danniel Nahmanny

Fast On-Chip Interconnect. High Speed

Current Mode Serial Communication

Ran Menevich (PhD)

Centralized Adaptive Routing for

Network on Chip


Eyal Zohar

Traffic Redundancy Elimination




Coffee Break






Amit Berman (PhD) 

Improving Flash Memory Performance


Ori Rottenstreich (PhD)



Haim Snapy (MSc)

Efficient Access To Remote Memory


Shachar Raindel (MSc)

Efficient Use Of Memory In Large

Data Centers






Ameer Abdel-hadi

Timing–Driven Variation–Aware Synthesis 0f

Hybrid Mesh/Tree Clock Distribution Networks

Shlomo Beer (PhD)

Advanced Synchronizer Circuits


Nave, Eyal

TCP Window based DVFS for Low Power

Communication Network Controller SoC

Amnon Stanislavsky

Power Driven Floorplan




Distributed Systems


Ido Ben-Zvi (PhD)

Causality and Coordination in the

Presence of Clocks


Dmitry Basin

Sources of Instability in Data

Center Multicast.


Ittay Eyal

Distributed Data Classification in

Sensor Networks




Computer Networks


Boris Oklander (PhD)

Modeling and Analysis of Cognitive

Radio Networks.


Gideon Blocq

Cooperative Game Theoretic Models in

Interconnecting Computer Networks





Vladimir Zdornov (PhD)

Charging Policies for Electric

Vehicles - The Computer Connection



Concluding remarks (Tsahi)




For more information please call Prof. Tsahi Birk: 04-8294637

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